Photo of our client Aaron


Aaron knows the meaning of a hard day's work... not as the owner of a local construction company, but as a spinal cord injury patient.

Five years ago, Aaron was shot three times in the back by a would-be robber. As he sat in his car in his company's parking lot, he couldn't feel his legs, but it never registered that he could be paralyzed for life.

Aaron spent six weeks in a nearby hospital. It wasn't until a few weeks into his therapy when he wasn't progressing as he wanted to, that he thought "this could be something serious."

Refusing to accept life in a wheelchair, Aaron knew he needed an aggressive therapy program if he was ever going to be mobile again. His wife, the manager of DMC Managed Care at the Detroit Medical Center, suggested the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan's Center for Spinal Cord Injury (RIM).

"From day one, it was a challenge," he says, "but I was determined to give it my all."

Aaron started his rehab in a wheelchair, advanced to a walker, crutches, a four-point cane and eventually a single-point cane. Today, he's up and walking.

"Even to this day, five years later, it's still challenging. But if it weren't for the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, I could still very well be in a wheelchair. The Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan is top notch."

Aaron credits his situation with bringing him closer to God. He prays he'll get to his next goal... the golf course, and says he now has a whole new respect for people with a disability