Photo of our client Doug


It was a motocross jump Doug had landed dozens of times, but on July 1, 2012, he overshot the landing zone. When he landed, his left wrist snapped on impact and the bike throttle was still wide open; shooting Doug off the track into a large mound of dirt.

"I was still on my bike when I hit the dirt and rocketed straight in the air. I pushed my bike away and landed square on my feet. I heard my back crack, and fell face first. I knew exactly what had happened."

Doug was eventually air lifted to a Detroit-area hospital where he had surgery and spent 61 days.

"I was in therapy but it was the same routine every day. They told me I had a long way to go to reach my potential as a paraplegic. I could sit up and exercise only for a few minutes."

Doug wanted a facility that focused on rehabilitation. After talking with his motocross friends and a visit to the center by his wife and father-in-law, he knew there was only one place to go- DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.

He began outpatient therapy first at RIM's Sterling Heights Center to work on his wrist and build his endurance. He then transferred to RIM's Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery, an aggressive, activity-based, physical therapy program designed to maximize recovery in persons with spinal cord injuries.

"Within days I was standing in a standing machine and within three weeks, walking in leg braces. Today I'm very active with my wife and daughter."

Doug went back to work a month after starting rehab, he's driving and back in sports.