Photo of our client Vincent


Vincent's car was t-boned on I-75 while jumping the battery in his brother's car. The accident left him a quadriplegic.

Doctors said he would never be able to walk, sit up or move his arms. He should forget his dream of being in theater. But, one month later, Vincent had recovered enough to be transferred to DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM).

"I hadn't been out of a bed in more than a month. I was so excited about RIM because my cousin had been treated there. God told me he was going to help rebuild my body, and this was the place it would happen."

Vincent was so weak when he first got to RIM, he would faint when they got him up. Released three months later, he was able to do daily aggressive rehab, sit up, push his own chair, and brush his teeth.

The next seven months he rehabbed at home while recovering from a wound.

"My home-based therapy was nothing. I was so excited when I was able to do outpatient therapy at RIM's Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. It's an entirely different level of rehabilitation. I am so thankful for every therapist and every work out session. I have made amazing progress."

Vincent still rehabs at RIM three times and week and he'll tell you he's only in the middle of his recovery story. He recently returned to the stage and starred in a play he wrote and produced.

"In my heart, this is now my purpose. And, I thank God for DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and its purpose to help people recover."